Introducing the SEARCH capabilities of our website.

Use our Find a Campground page to display all of the campgrounds in our system (the default) or to limit the results based on a variety of search criteria. Results will appear as pins on the Map, and these facilities will also show in alphabetical order on the List option. Click the words to flip between the two.

The more criteria you select the more relevant the results become to your camping trip. These are limitations. If you don’t choose any limitations then the results will include all possibilities (which is the default).

The Search field allows you enter text, or you can choose a City from the drop down menu and can further identify how far from that city you’re willing to go by choosing an option under Within. Remember, with each additional criteria added to the page, the map and list will continue to populate based on all of your criteria.

That being said, our most preferred method, rather than those first options, is to use the following criteria.

 Sites Types lets you see only those that have the chosen site type(s). Searching this way abbreviates the amount of facilities you’ll want to consider for your trip. Let’s say you’re traveling with more than your RV can sleep (or more than you prefer it sleeps). Click RV and click Other Lodging Options to be shown only the facilities which offer both RV sites and other lodging options. Those other lodging options might include a cabin, yurt, covered wagon, rental RV, lodge, bunkhouse or any other rental option. To find out what types of rentals each offers, look at the each listing, specifically under the Sites & Lodging tab.

The next search feature limits based on Services. Needing propane for your RV? Propane for your grill or other portable bottles? How about preferring a campground that offers a dog park? Click each or all of the boxes that apply to your needs.

The next list allows you to limit the results based on the Months Open. This isn’t so important for summer travelers, but it’s a handy tool for the off-season campers who, therefore, don’t need to to consider the parks that are currently closed.

The final search lets you search for only the privately owned campgrounds. Click Camp S Dakota Members to eliminate all state parks from the results.

Remember, these are limitations. If you don’t choose any limitations then your results will include all possibilities. The default map that appears when you open the page is filled with all of the pins … all of the campgrounds that are listed on CampInSouthDakota. The default list also includes all.

Now that the results are properly narrowed, click on a campground name (either by looking at a map pin or at the list). You will then be taken to a page filled with much more information, including but not limited to (dependent on what has been supplied to us):

  • Address and phone number
  • A property overview (types of stays, months of operation, etc.)
  • Sites and other lodging options available
  • Amenities and activities
  • Email form that takes your message straight to their office
  • Links to their website, reservation page, their social media sites, and ratings & reviews pages
  • Map & directions
  • Current weather
  • Photos and videos

We hope you enjoy your time here on CampInSouthDakota, and we wish you very happy memories of your vacation or time in South Dakota!

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